TARGET TEXT first saw the light of day in 2009.

We translate for major language service providers and for direct customers who work in many different fields.

We translate contracts, historical, cultural, fashion and design texts, marketing and sales material, newsletters, home pages, SoMe articles/items – and much, much more.

Our highly qualified translators translate only to their native language.

We love digging into the linguistic details!

In creative texts,
we work best
if we are free

to juggle with our native language whereas, in professional texts,

we strive to ensure that we employ the correct terms.

We use the latest translation software, including memory tools.
For regular customers, this means

that we compare translation jobs at sentence level and can guarantee linguistic continuity.

We place our extensive network

of experienced freelance translators

at your disposal. We can always find the right translator for your particular subject area.

A happy customer is a regular customer!

Frauke Witte,

Curator, Museum Sønderjylland –


Heike is an accomplished colleague. She greets everyone and every challenge with a big smile. Bearing in mind her career path and experience, Heike is eminently well qualified to translate from Danish into German.

Kim Sander Sørensen,

Manager / COO,
InterSign ApS

I have used Jane for translation from Danish to English.

Jane is very skilled. She delivers a first class product and is very flexible. I can/will recommend her at any time.

Our happy customers include (2022):

Making the UN Sustainable Development Goals
our own

At TARGET TEXT, we have embarked on a voyage of discovery,

a journey that prepares us to work actively and consistently

with the SDGs.

The team


Danish-English translator

The founder with a great passion for words and grammar

"Freelance Danish-English translation was initially a sideline for me. For many years, I translated after work, when my kids were tucked up in their beds, and at weekends.  In 2007, I landed a full-time job as a translator at a major LSP in Denmark, where I worked until 2009 when I founded TARGET TEXT. Originally I hoped simply that my company would generate an income for myself. As my customers often ask for translation to other European languages, my company has developed. TARGET TEXT now offers translation to and from many European languages."


Danish - German

The language nerd

"I am German. I came to live in Denmark in 2005. I read German at university in Hamburg and have since taught German in Danish schools.

I have been working as a translator since 2015.
And you know what? I love it!"



The network of freelance translators

We work with a network

of experienced freelance translators, and can always find the translator who is best qualified to translate

your company’s specific terminology.

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