Welcome to Target Text

Does your company operate in the wind energy, oil & gas, agriculture or food sector?

Do you use brochures, datasheets, flyers and other text material to market your products and services?

Do you want to market your products and services internationally?

Or is your website only in your own language?

Do you already have foreign customers, employees and business partners?

If YES, then we’re sure you need professional translations from TARGET TEXT!

We translate:
  • websites
  • contracts and agreements
  • sales and marketing material
  • and a great deal more...

We specialise in translation to and from:
  • Danish
  • English
  • German
  • Portuguese

We use the latest translation software, including memory tools. For regular customers, this means that we compare translation jobs at sentence level and can guarantee linguistic continuity.

We place our extensive network of experienced freelance translators at your disposal. We can always find the right translator for your particular subject area.

We also provide translation services in and out of more than 40 other languages at highly competitive rates.

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